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Tips and Tricks to writing an informative and engaging press release:

  • Remember that you are writing this release in a story format. You should try to be engaging and fun (if it’s appropriate) with your wording.
  • Make sure to include all the important details (5W’s price, activities, etc.)
  • Know your audience: Don’t use jargon that a basic reader would not understand. For example, not everyone will know what APO is, so you should write out Alpha Phi Omega and include a phrase such as “co-ed service fraternity.”
  • Write in small paragraphs. This makes it easier for the reader to digest. A paragraph should be 1-2 sentences, max. 3 depending on sentence length.
  • In addition to your press release, you should also include a general letter to the press member/company that you are trying to contact.
    This should just include the organization that you’re representing, who you’re trying to contact, the basic overview of what the event entails/benefits and what you’re asking of the reporter (release a story before the event to spread word, have them come cover the event for a story after, etc.).
  • Make it as easy as possible for media representatives to do their jobs. Identify specific media outlets and get names and addresses of the appropriate editor, producer or staff member at each outlet. Find out if they prefer print or electronic receipt of press releases (or send both).

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